Uber Eats' AI Oopsie 🍕, SAG-AFTRA's $1B win 🎭, YT Pilot Jailed 🛩️

Uber Eats is bad at food porn 🍕 SAG-AFTRA lifts the Hollywood ban hammer 🎭 YT pilot's clout-crashing lands him in jail 🛩️

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Uber Eats or AI Eats? The photo you're (not) drooling over might just be computer-generated. Keep that pizza emoji ready, this one's cheesy!

In today's rundown:

  • 🍕 Uber Eats' AI Failed Food Pics

  • 🎭 SAG-AFTRA's $1B Hollywood Deal

  • 🛩️ YT Pilot's Clout Crashes End

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Picture this: you're browsing Uber Eats, craving a slice of New York's finest, but the image shows a pie that looks more like a dessert.
What's going on? Oh, just Uber Eats replacing restaurant photos with AI-generated ones, no biggie.

Yeah, turns out, the AI doesn't know that "pie" means pizza, so it thought a cheesy slice is the same as apple pie. Can you imagine the confusion?

And here's the real kicker: the restaurants didn't even know about the AI switcheroo until some confused customers came calling.
So much for the customer "seeing is believing" experience, huh?

Sure, Google and even IKEA have played with AI imagery, but when it comes to your dinner, maybe a human touch is still the secret ingredient.
In the age of AI, a little context goes a long way, especially when there's marinara at stake.

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Filmfinity redefines indie film by creating a virtual one-stop-shop for production, funding & festivals. Adrian Perez leads this indie renaissance.

  2. Google unveils Gemini, an AI for its Pixel 8 Pro, boasting superior image processing and tapping into Google’s data trove.

  3. iQOO unveils the photography-focused iQOO 12, featuring a 50MP main camera and AR mode for capturing the stars, all starting at €550.

  4. Meta's AI image generator, Imagine, goes web-wide, letting users create Emu-powered pics beyond Messenger.

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Hollywood's labor saga ends, and it’s a win for the actors.

SAG-AFTRA members gave a thumbs up to a new 3-year deal with a 78% approval rating. The union says they scored an additional $1B for their 160K members, including nearly $320M for benefit plans.

They’re also setting the stage on AI actor rules and got streamers to agree to extra payouts for hits.

The union's boss, Fran Drescher, and negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland hailed the contract as a -Hollywood victory-.

The decision wraps up a year of talks and tunes up the last piece of talent biz labor through 2026.

Hollywood's $1B deal: A game-changer or a budget blooper?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Sundance 2024 unveils 82 films and a digital Brian Eno doc. Indie film buffs, grab your kombucha and click.

  2. Canon may unveil a downsized Cinema EOS C70 in 2024. No more whispers, just reel news.

  3. Panasonic’s Lumix G9 II will soon support RAW video output over HDMI.

  4. Respeecher Raises $1M to Keep Cloning Voices, from James Earl Jones to ... Everyone Else

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YouTuber pilot Trevor Jacob crashed his plane on purpose, strapped with cameras and ready to parachute, but it didn’t go as planned. He got 6 months in federal prison for obstructing the investigation and lying about not knowing where the wreck was.

His motive? Probably to get famous or make some quick cash. On the bright side, his YouTube channel did get a lot of views, just not the kind he was hoping for..

  • In a stunt gone wrong, YouTuber pilot Trevor Jacob crashed his plane intentionally into a forest.

  • He planned to parachute out and film the whole thing, but it was more ‘Jackass’ than ‘Jackpot’.

  • Jacob lied about not knowing the crash site and later trashed the evidence, earning himself a 6-month vacation in federal prison.

  • Prosecutors weren’t buying his ‘innocent’ act, noting that he likely did it for the ‘likes’ and ‘subscribes’.

Context: Trevor Jacob’s ill-fated flight is a vivid example of the dark underbelly of the creator economy, where the pursuit of online fame and fortune can lead down a turbulent path.

With every click potentially worth cash, some creators are willing to risk life, limb, and legal trouble for a shot at viral glory.

The lesson here? Authenticity might be the most valuable currency online, but it's not always easily earned.

Crash-for-Views: How far is too far for online fame?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Sony bans PlayStation users without explanation, highlighting the risks of digital "ownership".

  2. Taylor Swift’s TIME Person of the Year cover was inspired by a ‘70s book called Cat People. Photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh describe the shot as capturing Swift’s ability to carry the world on her shoulders.

  3. 2024 content marketing: AI shifts from leader to assistant. Human creativity takes the throne. Authenticity is the crown jewel.

  4. Amazon’s latest Echo Frames are lighter, last longer, and look nicer, but they’re still more like open-ear headphones than Tony Stark’s tech goggles.

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