Spotify's $1B Bet 🎧, Adobe's AI EQ 🎙️, AI Photos Snub 🖼️

Spotify's billion-dollar bet sings of creator payouts 🎧, Adobe's AI soundscapes will lift your EQ game 🎙️, and AI photos get the cold press snub 🖼️.

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Is Spotify betting $1B on your next road trip jam? Press play to find out.

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The World Press Photo Contest backtracks on its AI-friendly rules after just a week.

Photographers raised a ruckus when they learned that AI-generated images were fair game. The contest now says no to AI in the category where it tried to break in. The tweaked rules lay out more explicit guidelines for what AI can and can't do.

It turns out the contest hadn't let AI into its top prize, the World Press Photo of the Year, but it had allowed mechanical eyes in a different category.

Now? AI can't touch any category.

Photographers have always pushed pixels around, but this season’s chatter shows AI still has some lines to learn. “Fair and accurate” are the new filter on the lens, and fake news fatigue demands a better shot.

Is AI ruining photography?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Stability AI drops a limited image-to-video tool, promising progress on longer vids, higher res, and more details in the future.

  2. Insta360 enters the action cam race with 8K-capable Ace Pro, packing AI features like denoising and generative overlays. GoPro, watch your back!

  3. CinePi: Raspberry Pi gets reel with a 3D-printed open-source cinema camera.

  4. The Arctic's melting & a polar bear's got nowhere to go. Environmental photographers keep the focus on climate change.

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Adobe unveiled a new audio editing tool called Project Sound Lift and it’s got creators buzzing.

Using AI, Sound Lift can separate voices from background noise in a messy audio file. It’s not flawless, but it’s a time-saving breakthrough for editors. Adobe plans to integrate it directly into Premiere Pro, which is welcome news for the platform’s loyal users.

The potential here extends beyond audio clean-up; it could streamline voiceover work and even assist with language localization.

Sound Lift by Adobe: Audio magic or overhyped?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Sigma drops a $1.5k 70-200mm f/2.8 lens for Sony and Leica cameras, undercutting Sony's own zoom by $300.

  2. LED walls aren't replacing green screens, just giving creators more options.

  3. Kodak’s revamped Super 8 blends film nostalgia with digital perks at a steep $5,495. Novelty or a filmmaker’s fancy?

  4. Kron Technologies unveils the Chronos 4K12, a $14.5k high-speed camera capturing 4K slow-mo at over 1,000 fps.

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Spotify announced royalty model changes that it expects will generate an extra $1b in the next five years for new and popular artists. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s coming:

Minimum payment threshold: To address issues around small payments not reaching artists due to low stream counts per track, Spotify will now require songs to reach a minimum of 1k streams over 12 months to be eligible for royalties.

Artificial streaming: Beginning next year, Spotify will charge a fee per track to labels or distributors if artificial streaming is found.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that some industry analysts believe Spotify’s moves could spur a wave of playlist creative-ups, with some creators already discussing strategies to use the new rules to their advantage.

Will Spotify’s royalty changes:

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Instagram spices up Reels with new editing tools, including text-to-speech and font options.

  2. Spanish agency The Clueless creates AI influencer Aitana to avoid "skyrocketing costs" and "unreliable" human models.

  3. Web3 social platform Socrates launches globally, rewarding users for knowledge-sharing through Q&As and debates.

  4. Elon’s X brings back headlines in URL previews.

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