🎬 Sony Sees Dollar Signs in AI

Sony's AI box-office dreams 🎟️; Fallout's indie charisma 🎬; Meta's Insta gold rush 🤖; EU offers opt-out solution 🔀.

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Sony's AI dreams are worth more than an Oscar. Meta mines Insta and only EU users can opt out—what’s the tea? And Fallout's indie reels? Nostalgia just got a new filter.

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Sony Pictures' 'Madame Web'

Sony Pictures plans to use AI to make films more efficiently, according to chief executive Tony Vinciquerra.

With a contract between the major Hollywood crew union and studios set to expire at the end of the month, the use of AI has become a sticking point in negotiations.

Last year, when AI text-to-video tools like OpenAI’s Sora debuted, Hollywood unions were quick to push for safeguards against potential labor displacement. But if Sony and other studios can reshape their contracts, AI could remake how content is created.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, who founded DreamWorks, predicted AI would cut animated film costs by up to 90%.

Around the same time, a report found AI tools had either “eliminated, reduced or consolidated” jobs at 75% of entertainment companies.

The commercial aspects of creativity.

JoJo Whilden

Amazon’s Fallout TV series just dropped a collection of on-set photos that are straight out of the wasteland.

JoJo Whilden, the show’s photographer, went full retro with a Hasselblad 500cm camera, capturing actors in character on Kodak Portra film.

The result? Pictures that could’ve been torn from the game’s art book. It’s a refreshing twist considering most set photos break the “fourth wall” to show modern gear or grinning actors.

Her shots draw praise for staying in character, with one critic noting they feel like they "exist in the same world as Fallout." Whilden’s shots keep the mystique intact and have fans begging for more.

Navigating the digital creative world.


Meta is using Instagram content to train its AI, and opting out is a nearly impossible mission unless you're in the EU.

Instagram, once a creative haven with its cool filters and visual appeal, is now a data goldmine for Meta.

The opt-out process is a maze of confusing notifications and forms that more resemble a bank transfer than a simple choice.

Many consider it a betrayal of the community that made Instagram the cultural phenomenon it is today, and users are rightfully furious.

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Kodak point-and-shoots are a hit in Japan, snagging 22.5% market share in April. The top seller, the Kodak PixPro FZ55, offers a retro vibe with its 16-megapixel sensor and dirt-cheap price, attracting younger users looking to replicate the experience of older cameras.

As AI entwines with creativity, fear and innovation clash in the creative sphere. But rather than fighting against the inevitable, embracing AI’s creative potential may be the key to unlocking our own.


AI was used in the latest 'Mad Max' installment to blend the faces of Anya Taylor-Joy and young actress Alyla Browne, who plays a younger version of Taylor-Joy's character. Taylor-Joy stated that the use of AI in film can be "frightening" without consent.

Apple proposes a new pay structure for streaming talent, including performance-based bonuses tied to metrics like subscriber growth and watch time.


Acer drops a new gadget: say hi to the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera. This baby's all about 3D capture and livestreaming on the go. Compatible with Acer's 3D gear, of course.

With the TikTok ban looming, creators are now more than ever advised to diversify their platform portfolio. Think beyond TikTok if you want your creator career to last.

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