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  • Premiere Pro Evolution 🎬, Canon's Wide Lens Wonder 📸, AI Fuels Adobe Creativity 🚀

Premiere Pro Evolution 🎬, Canon's Wide Lens Wonder 📸, AI Fuels Adobe Creativity 🚀

Premiere Pro's game-changing update: 5x faster, better control, and new tech!

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Ready for a game-changer in editing? Adobe’s Premiere Pro got a hefty update! Dive in for the scoop!

In today's rundown:

  • 🎬 Adobe's powerful update for Premiere Pro

  • 📸 Canon's game-changer: RF 10-20mm Lens

  • 🚀 Adobe's AI technology boost for creatives

  • 📱 Pro Camera vs iPhone 15: A close match

  • 🖼️ AI art win sparks copyright debates

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Dall-E 2

Adobe has outdone itself again with the fall update of Premiere Pro, bringing in a host of improvements and features aimed at enhancing performance and expanding its capabilities. The update is promised to be more reliable and up to five times faster, with the introduction of a high-performance timeline drawing feature for faster, more responsive editing. The update also includes a new 'Save Projects as Templates' feature, which allows editors to start projects with already organized bins and sequences, streamlining post-production workflows.

One of the most significant introductions is the text-based editing feature which includes a batch deletion tool, allowing multiple instances of text to be selected and deleted with just a click. This new feature also trims the corresponding section of the video file, offering more control in the transcript view. Enhanced hardware acceleration supports H/W decoding and encoding of H.265 HEVC files through Intel Discrete Graphics cards, promising a performance boost. Other notable features include Audio Auto-Tagging, simplified color settings, and a recovery mode to ensure no progress is lost if Premiere crashes.

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Canon has once again claimed the title for the widest AF-capable rectilinear lens with the introduction of RF 10-20mm f/4 L IS STM. This lens, which we've tested, maintains straight lines in shots with no barrel distortion, even at 10 millimeters. It features a trio of control rings, switches for AF and MF modes, and image stabilization - a feature missing in its predecessor, EF 11-24mm. Despite its wide focal range, it's lightweight, weather-sealed, and produces fast, sharp, and silent autofocus. Perfect for architecture, landscapes, and cityscapes, this lens is a game-changer in visual storytelling.

Adobe has updated its AI technology across the Creative Cloud Suite, aiming to boost creativity and productivity. The updates, built on the Firefly platform, support AI-assisted content creation for design, photography, and videography. Adobe assures users that Firefly, already used to create over three billion images, respects copyrights and "do not train" meta tags. The AI technology, designed to complement rather than replace human ingenuity, seamlessly integrates with Adobe's apps, enhancing the creative process.

In the battle between a $5,000 Pro Camera and an iPhone 15 Pro, the results were sometimes closer than expected. While the Nikon Z8 outperformed in areas like natural depth of field, flash portraits, and overall resolution, the iPhone 15 Pro shone in its ability to handle high contrast scenes and deliver dynamic range images. However, the iPhone fell short in action shots timing and lower light situations. While the full-frame camera reigns supreme for professional use, the convenience and impressive results of the iPhone 15 Pro make it a surprisingly strong contender.

In a world-first, an AI art contest sparks debates on the differences between photographs and AI images. The winner, Annika Nordenskiöld, used AI to generate a prize-winning image, stirring discussions on "promptography", the use of text prompts to create AI images. However, the limelight shifts to the underlying issue: many AI tools were developed using photographers' works, sometimes without permission, prompting copyright infringement lawsuits and fears of obsolescence amongst the photography community.



Results from yesterday’s poll

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