PhotoVogue's AI Controversy 📸, NFL Cinematics 🏈, Senate Grilling👩‍💼

PhotoVogue's AI steals the spotlight📸, NFL films a reel touchdown🏈, and tech honchos sweat in Congress👩‍💼. Your 60-second scan starts now.

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PhotoVogue: AI's artsy smokescreen? Say cheese, but quietly.

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PhotoVogue is facing backlash after featuring AI-generated content alongside real photography at their recent festival in Milan.

While some argue that using AI in photography can be a form of artistic expression, others are concerned about the ethics of using AI-created images that are compiled from artists' work without permission or compensation.

The festival did spark interesting conversations about the role of AI in the future of visual storytelling, but the decision to exhibit AI alongside photography has left many photographers feeling undervalued.

AI in Photography: Innovative or Unethical?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Formula One has been at the forefront of imaging tech since its beginning. So much so that F1's 1978 camera footage makes today's tech seem sluggish.

  2. Sony World Photography Awards under fire for age limits in student category. Mature students' exclusion sparks diversity debate.

  3. Amazon unveils Titan Image Generator, an AI for background swapping in photos. Lifestyle shots just got a rainforest remix.

  4. Panasonic Japan launches a camera leasing service, like they're cars, including lessons and repairs, starting at $20/month, aiming to help photographers avoid upfront costs and buyer's remorse.

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NFL Films dropped a mini-doc about their beloved lens, the Optex 33 to 1, and trust us, it's as rare as a Super Bowl ring.

Picture this: a lens that can go from capturing the entire stadium to zooming in on a player's sweat in a sec.

It’s the brainchild of a guy named Steve Richer, who saw the potential in tweaking a Canon broadcast lens back in 2000. Now it’s the stuff of legends, following every play like a third-string quarterback.

With only 15 ever made, it’s the holy grail for any sports cinematographer. And yeah, they say there won’t be another lens like it.

Oh, and did we mention it can cover a 45-yard pass? Watch the doc for more photo-finish drama.

Which word best describes the Optex 33 to 1?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Nolan hails Snyder’s “Watchmen” as groundbreaking, wishing it came out after “Avengers,” which is when superhero ensembles became a movie staple.

  2. RigWheels unveils Kraken, a $999 all-in-one car mount for cameras up to 175lbs, saving videographers time and gear rooms hassle.

  3. Infographic decodes character emotions for screenwriters. No more one-note feelings—time to give your script emotional range.

  4. Filmmaker-entrepreneur Carolyn Seaman emphasizes self-care on Inner Circle Podcast. Overworked? Take notes.

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Tech titans from Meta, X, TikTok, Snap, and Discord will testify before the US Senate at the end of this month about online child exploitation. The hearing is part of a push to strengthen child safety regulations on the web.

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is currently battling lawsuits from multiple states over allegations of deceptive marketing to minors. Meanwhile, school districts are suing Meta, ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company), Alphabet (Google’s parent company), and Snap, claiming their platforms are addictive to kids.

To make sense of all this: Tech’s biggest bosses are facing a grilling from Congress over kids’ safety on their platforms.

What happens next could shape internet regulations for years to come.

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. 57% of marketers say creating relevant content is their biggest challenge as businesses shift from producing assets to operating like media companies in 2024.

  2. Advertiser boycott of X grows as Elon Musk makes provocative statements at NYT event.

  3. Generative AI infiltrates the creator toolkit, but beware the pitfalls. It’s more sidekick than superhero, assisting with everything from scripts to quizzes. Just don’t expect that human touch to come pre-programmed.

  4. YouTube scammers Chenel & Yenddi to repay $3m in royalty fraud.

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