📸 Photography's Big Gender Pay Gap

Sony snaps up the best in photography🏆; but is there a focus issue on pay equity?💰 And agencies are oiling out of fossil fuels.🌍

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Moonrise Sprites over Storr © Liam Man, United Kingdom, Open Photographer of the Year, Open Competition, Landscape, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

The World Photography Organization unveiled the winners of the 2024 Sony World Photography Awards, with France’s Juliette Pavy taking Photographer of the Year for her project on the involuntary birth control of Greenlandic women in the 1960s and 70s.

Spiralkampagnen from the project Spiralkampagnen: Forced Contraception and Unintended Sterilisation of Greenlandic Women © Juliette Pavy, France, Photographer of the Year, Professional competition, Documentary Projects, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

Liam Man of the UK won Open Photographer of the Year for his stunning drone-lit shot of the Old Man of Storr rock formation in Scotland.

Untitled from the series The Sacrifice Zone © Eddo Hartmann, Netherlands, Winner, Professional competition, Landscape, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

Pavy’s work will be featured at Somerset House in London through May 6 alongside a retrospective of the legendary Sebastião Salgado.

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📸 Photography's Big Gender Pay Gap

Male photographers are earning about $25 more per hour, on average, than female photographers, according to a new study by Ondeck.

But here's the twist: in certain niches like product photography, women actually out-earn men by $22/hour. So what's the snapshot on this? Could it be that women are dominating in the more technical fields?

Female photographers charge more than male ones for product and video shoots, but they earn a lot less for local gigs on average, according to a new study. Analysts at Ondeck blamed the trend on women being a smaller presence in product and video work, where they have to prove themselves more to win gigs.

Overall, male photographers make about 26% more than their female counterparts when every type of photo work is considered.

Those figures are based on freelancers setting their own rates. The study didn’t offer reasons for the gender-based pay gap. Either way, it’s a flash of insight into the intricate world of freelance photography. No filter required.

Navigating the digital creative world.

🌍 1’000 Agencies Dump Oil Ads

Clean Creatives, an anti-fossil fuel campaign group, has garnered pledges from 1,000 global advertising agencies to reject work from oil, gas and coal companies. That marks a doubling of the figure from last April.

To celebrate the milestone, the group released a video featuring a Rube Goldberg machine, imploring creatives to “be the Good Guys” in the climate fight and to seek solutions from renewables clients instead.

The campaign started three years ago to expose the fossil fuel industry’s attempts at shaping public opinion and greenwashing partnerships with major ad and PR firms.

The news comes about a month before the group’s satirical “F-List Awards,” hosted by Nicole Conlan, where creatives and climate leaders will come together to highlight the most egregious examples of “green image laundering” in the industry. Let’s hope they name names.


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