Phone Cameras Level Up 📸, Euro Originals💰, Terminator Teaser🤖

Phone cams go pro 📸, Euro shows cash in 📺, Terminator's AI reboot💀.

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Euro Originals getting a buck boost? Get the lowdown on where your next binge-watch might come from. Eurotrip not required.

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  •  📸 Phone Cameras Dominate Now

  • 📺 Euro Shows Get Big Bucks

  • 💀 Terminator's AI Reboot Tease

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📸 Phone Cameras Zoom Past Amateurs

Never underestimate the power of a pocket-sized device – smartphones have completely taken over the amateur niche. With over 50% of the global population owning one, they’ve turned everyone into a professional paparazzo.

iPhones are now the most popular cameras, and TikTok thrives on smartphone-shot content. Apps like GarageBand and online courses are transforming smartphones into creative classrooms.

But it’s not all selfie-sticks and rainbows; screen time and privacy are pressing concerns.

As smartphones continue to click into our lives, amateurs are developing more than just photos – they’re developing passions, sharing stories, and creating the new wave of mobile media. Smile and say, “Pixel!”

Are smartphones the new breeding ground for amateur creatives?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Canon drops an affordable 35mm lens for its full-frame mirrorless line. Good optics, but some quirks. Weather sealing? Nah.

  2. Renogy ambassador Dan Grec reflects on 8 years of off-grid photography, showcasing his sustainable solar setups during extensive travels across Africa and Australia.

  3. Spawning’s Kudurru helps artists block AI from scraping their visual work. It’s a temporary solution until legislation catches up.

  4. Phoblographer's Editor's Choice 2023: No standout cameras this year, but standout lenses from Sony, Viltrox, and Leica stole the show.

📚 Learn & Grow

  • Hiring Crew: It’s More Than Just Job Skills; Choose Wisely for a Happy Set.

  • ColorPro’s RISE Contest: Photograph Your Way to the Top 10 – Here’s How

  • Lights, Camera, Experiment! Julie Powell's studio becomes a playground for lighting techniques.


European broadcasters are spending more on original content than ever before, despite facing increased competition from global streamers, according to a report from the European Audiovisual Observatory.

The study found that broadcasters' spending on original shows and movies has grown faster than their overall revenues in recent years, with sports rights also seeing a significant boost. Meanwhile, global streamers like Netflix and Amazon now account for a quarter of all European content spending, but haven't replaced broadcasters as the top investors in original programming.

Instead, broadcasters have upped their game, investing more than ever before – at least until the pandemic hit.

For now, it looks like Europe's TV titans are ready to play ball with the new kids on the block.

Are European broadcasters losing the content game?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Disney’s sci-fi thriller The Creator dominates U.K. digital charts.

  2. Lightbridge & DoPchoice team up for Snapbridge Glide Kit, a portable way to perfect lighting.

  3. Rupert Murdoch, 92, retires, handing media empire to son Lachlan. His sway over Fox and News Corp shaped a global media landscape.

  4. SCOTUS weighs in on AI & art. Copyright lines blur as the Supreme Court reviews Warhol’s Prince series. AI-created art’s copyright fate hangs in the balance.

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You thought A.I. was just crunching numbers? Think again.

Ben Nash, the Full Stack Creator, is using A.I. to make music videos that'll warp your mind—literally.

He's not alone; a crew of 50 A.I. artists is about to drop a Terminator 2 parody that's as long as the original. Ben’s betting big on A.I. unlocking creative potential, and with tools like Neural Frames and Soma, he’s creating visuals that groove to the music's every beat. It’s cutting-edge tech meets cutting-room floor, and the results are a digital acid trip.

So, will your next favorite video be made by a bot? Ben Nash thinks you might regret it if it's not.
He dropped up to an hour of new content weekly! Where do you find the time?

Will A.I. out-creativity humans?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. AI integrates into video, sparks creativity and personalized viewing. Ethical roadblocks need navigating for responsible adoption.

  2. Twitter's ad exodus continues as IBM withdraws over brand safety concerns.

  3. Get that local love! Video lesson decodes how photographers can blog their way to better SEO. Local landscapes just became your top keywords.

  4. Snoop Dogg’s “quit smoking” campaign was actually a Solo Stove ad. His social posts garnered 4.7m likes and 174k comments.

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