Kodak's Super 8 drop 📽️, World Press AI 📸, TikTok's long game 🕐

TikTok’s 60-second ceiling cracking, World Press Photo’s AI flash, and Kodak’s Super 8 reel dropping. Watch this space!

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In today's rundown:

  • 📽️ Kodak's Super 8 Reveal

  • 🕐 TikTok's Long Video Push

  • 📸 World Press & AI

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The 2023 World Press Photo Contest stirred up some controversy last week when they announced stricter rules regarding AI in entries.

The new guidelines require the "core" of a project to be "lens-based", disqualifying artificially generated images. The move is an effort to ensure the integrity of entries and combat the spread of misinformation through manipulated visuals.

However, the contest did make an exception in the "Open Format" category, allowing some AI use as long as it complements lens-based photography. It's a polarizing decision sparking debates about the role of AI in visual storytelling.

For now, though, it seems the World Press Photo Awards will remain firmly focused on the unfiltered lens.

Are the new World Press Photo rules against AI manipulation fair?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s 2024 People’s Choice finalists are in. Your vote matters, so choose wisely.

  2. Sony & AP complete 2nd test for in-camera authenticity tech, aiming to combat manipulated imagery; planned release in Spring '24.

  3. CameraKit & LensKit unveils FinderKit: Viewfinder, a free app offering a slick virtual viewfinder for over 100 cameras and 1000 lenses.

  4. Canon EOS R5's firmware 1.9 adds a nifty feature called Peripheral Coordinated Control, reducing distortion with wide-angle lenses.

📚 Learn & Grow


Kodak is finally releasing its Super 8 Camera – yeah, the one we saw back at CES 2016 from the company's Motion Picture division.

This isn’t just a nostalgia play. It's not a digital camera that adds a film filter to your videos either. It’s a $5,495 hybrid camera that shoots on real Super 8 film and includes a few digital features, like a 4" LCD screen to help you frame your shots and an audio jack so you can add sound later.

Kodak’s actually calling the aspect ratio of its new camera “closer to the 16:9 format that has come to dominate playback”, though it’s still far from digital.

You’ll have to drop $50 to shoot just a few minutes of film at 24 fps, then another $50 for Kodak to process and scan the film and host it in the cloud. Sounds expensive, right? Kodak’s not exactly targeting aspiring YouTubers here. Even with influencers in mind, it doesn’t support vertical video shooting.

No reservation? Tough luck. Kodak’s starting a new waiting list for customers in the US who can fork over a $199 down payment for a slot.

Zoom out: Kodak originally touted the Super 8 as “an ecosystem for film” back in 2016. Since then, Lomography released an analog video camera with just about the same idea, and we've also seen a wave of film photography resurgence.

Super 8 revival: Worth the cost?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Amsterdam-based series ‘Play It By Ear’ scores a 2-hour free shoot at the Van Gogh Museum, highlighting indie filmmakers’ need for supportive locations.

  2. Stanford-bred startup Pika Labs raises $55m to challenge Stability AI with its own generative video tool, boasting a waitlist of half a million users.

  3. Moment’s Camera Pro app adds ProRes, Dolby Vision, and Apple Log support for iPhone 15 Pro users.

  4. NYC police radios go encrypted, upsetting nightcrawlers.

📚 Learn & Grow


TikTok is urging creators to make longer videos, supposedly to help them make more money and connect with fans better.

It’s not hard to see how this plan could help TikTok build more ad inventory, whereas short-form content doesn’t have room for ads.

Lately though, creator culture has been leaning more toward serialized content instead of viral one-off videos that defined platforms like TikTok and Vine.

It’s unclear if pushing longer videos will slow TikTok’s breakneck growth or make it harder for creators to build audiences.

Should TikTok embrace longer videos?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Meta’s generative AI aims to save advertisers time and unlock new creative opportunities.

  2. YouTube Premium now offers 'Playables,' letting users access games directly on the platform with no downloads.

  3. TikTok’s hosting a virtual AR showcase, ‘Openhouse’, featuring its latest Effect House tools. AR craze getting more interactive.

  4. Big platforms are struggling as the creator economy booms, with users now subscribing directly to their favorite artists.

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