Google's Gemini 💎, Amazon's Titan 🖼️, AI in Journalism 🤖

Google's Gemini—GPT-4's possible nemesis? Get snap happy with Amazon's Titan AI. And AI in journalism? It's all about that human touch.

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Forget GPT-3, Google's dropping Gemini—a diamond in the AI rough. Will GPT-4 steal the thunder? Click before they CTRL+C, CTRL+V.

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  • 🌐 Google's Gemini: GPT-4's Rival

  • 🖼️ Amazon's Titan AI Snaps Up

  • 🤖 AI Journalism Etiquette

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Amazon's Titan AI could change product photography. The tech lets brands generate new images based on their existing photos, swapping out backgrounds or adding in new elements.

Photo experts aren't worried that Amazon's new tool will replace them, saying brands still want the realism and authenticity that live photographers bring.

Still, for advertisers looking to quickly tailor campaigns for different markets, Titan's image-swapping powers could be a cost-effective alternative to setting up multiple shoots.

Will AI replace product photographers?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. AI-generated headshots spark photographer debate: Tony Taafe argues that far from threatening the industry, AI could ultimately strengthen the market for authentic photography.

  2. Google Pixel 8 Pro runs its own AI model named Gemini, marking the first deployment of Google’s in-house AI on a device.

  3. Instax fuels Fujifilm's profit surge, raking in $1.04B—prints from phones drive growth.

  4. Deepfake documentary “Another Body” exposes the horrific reality of nonconsensual fake pornography, spurring ethical discussions and highlighting the need for technical and legislative solutions.

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Traditional news outlets are combating the erosion of public trust by humanizing journalism.

As readers increasingly turn to AI-generated news, a disconnect between audience and author has emerged.

To bridge this gap, media organizations are spotlighting journalists through enhanced bylines and bios. Engagement is increasing as readers appreciate the transparency.

The shift to human-centric reporting extends to best-of lists, such as The New York Times’ book recommendations, which now feature editor conversations and behind-the-scenes podcasts.

Trust in modern media must be built on relationships, not just reliable algorithms.

Humanized journalism: Necessary shift or nostalgic ploy?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Sony’s BURANO, a lightweight cinema camera listening to feedback from DPs. Aiming to bridge the gap between high-end and owner-operator gear.

  2. Innovation drives ad success: 36% of agency pros prioritize "innovative and creative opportunities" when planning media buys, per Myers Report survey.

  3. Todd Haynes, the indie film icon, thanked ‘90s critics at IndieWire Honors, saying he “wouldn’t have the career” without them.

  4. ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ finale crowns a new victor, and it’s not a scuba instructor from Hawaii. Mai Whelan takes home a sweet $4.56m, leaving viewers to wonder if rock-paper-scissors is really the best way to decide who gets the cash.

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💎 Google's Gemini: GPT-4's Worthy Rival?

Google's Gemini AI is here, and it's not playing second fiddle to OpenAI's GPT-4.

This multi-sensory model—one of Google's biggest leaps in AI—handles text, images, audio, and video, earning it a claim on 30 of 32 benchmark wins against ChatGPT.

While it's still being worked into Google products, like Bard on Pixel 8 Pro, the search giant sees seamless coding as a killer app.

Gemini's also cheaper to run thanks to Google's v5p TPU system. It's not just a model; it's the future of Google's AI agenda, and it’s listening, watching, and learning more than ever.

Gemini AI: Google's jackpot?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Spotify's podcast push backfires as layoffs hit and shows are canceled; still, indie creators say the podcasting industry isn't dead.

  2. Russia-aligned actors trick celebs on Cameo, including Elijah Wood and Dean Norris, into making videos that were later manipulated into pro-Russian propaganda falsely targeting Ukrainian President Zelensky.

  3. Hayao Miyazaki’s new film gets a “truly impressive” English dub thanks to GKIDS, the NY-based Oscar magnet.

  4. Twitch shuts down South Korea operations, cites high costs. Afreeca TV stock soars 30%. SKorea’s web rules stump global giants.

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