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CEWE Axes Winner: Staged Snap? Say cheese or say please, 'cause this might cost you.

In today's rundown:

  • 📸 CEWE Photo Controversy

  • 💰 TikTok Creator Monetization Fades

  • 📽️ Documentary Dilemmas Unveiled

  • 🔥 Press Worthy Stories

  • 📚 Learn & Grow

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Photographer Dikye Ariani has been suspended from the CEWE Photo Awards, the world’s largest photo competition, after her winning shot was revealed to be staged.

The photo, titled “Warung Kopi,” purported to show a scene from an Indonesian café but was actually created during a photo shoot at a studio.

Ariani’s suspension came after she provided “untrue and misleading information” about the photo, according to CEWE.

Should staged photos be allowed in photo contests?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Famous photog Trey Ratcliff births an AI photo critic trained on his style and humor. It’s like having Trey’s eye on your pic without spamming his inbox.

  2. Nikon snaps a Q2 profit thanks to its Z8 mirrorless camera hitting the pro and hobbyist sweet spot.

  3. Sony's latest firmware for the a7 IV? Meh. Probably not worth your time. Meanwhile, its sibling, the a7c II, is stealing the spotlight. Sorry, not sorry, Sony.

  4. Apple’s M3 Ultra chip could redefine power in the creator space. With up to 32 CPU cores and 80 graphics cores, it’s a filmmaker’s fantasy. Mark Gurman's take: Hold onto your Intel rigs

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Documentary filmmakers are sounding the alarm on industry finances at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

The event saw filmmakers from across Europe call out public broadcasters for failing to adequately compensate creators for their work. “If they’re that important, put your money where your mouth is and pay directors a decent wage,” urged Peter Lataster of the Dutch Directors’ Guild.

The public shaming comes after a Danish film industry survey found that more than half of the country’s documentarians experienced mental health issues while working on their latest films.

Should public broadcasters pay docs more?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. 2024: The year to stop writing for free. The script is flipped as writers demand fair pay for their work. It's about damn time.

  2. Apple assures no death sentence for Final Cut Pro—just needs to pick up the pace to match Adobe and Blackmagic.

  3. Apple films epic 60-min ad with Hollywood’s striking stars using its iPhone 15 Pro.

  4. Warner Bros. cuts $30m from taxes & cancels $70m Coyote vs Acme—3rd film dropped since Zaslav takeover. Fans fuming; studios play money game.

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TikTok is officially getting rid of its Creator Fund—a program that paid out creators $1 billion over three years.

It’s being replaced with the drama-ridden Creativity Program, which allows for longer videos and, according to TikTok, gives creators a shot at earning "20 times" what they made on the Fund.

Eligible creators have until December 16 to switch. After that, the Fund is kaput.

Is TikTok's new Creator Fund swap fair?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Instagram adds in-app editing tools for Reels.

  2. YouTube Premium's ad-free experience isn't always ad-free. Creator-promoted content or a rare glitch might spoil your $12/mo ad-blocker.

  3. Klarna lets influencers run their own online shops, linking to products from Klarna's retail partners and managing payments.

  4. Positive vibes pay off: Brands tap into the 'joyconomy' as adults seek more fun in their lives.

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