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How Apple's iPad is cutting into the film editing market. Get your swipes ready for this one!

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For your artistic side.

Lee Miller's biopic called “Lee”, starring Kate Winslet is finally hitting screens this year. It’s a Sky production that’s been making waves on the festival circuit, and the trailer’s just been released.

The real-life Miller was a model-turned-photographer who risked everything to capture the truth on the front lines of WWII. Her story’s a heart-wrencher, and with Winslet's star power, this film's aiming for the history books too.

The film dives into Miller's life as she captured haunting images during WWII. Kate's already earning Oscar buzz for her portrayal of the pioneering photographer.

It’s a must-watch for history buffs and photography lovers alike.

The commercial aspects of creativity.

Apple is dropping a fresh Final Cut Pro for iPad, turning your Apple tablet into a multicam wonder with Live Multicam.

Live Multicam allows users to connect and preview up to four cameras, making it a hit with indie filmmakers.

It's not just a camera party though; the new iPad Pro’s M4 chip is promising up to 2x faster rendering, supporting up to 4x more streams of ProRes RAW.


The secret from marketers at Nvidia and Saastr?

Here’s the secret... They're using OpusClip.

With OpusClip, you can post 10x more short form content with just 10% the effort. Their AI takes any long video and turns it into dozens of shorts, ready to post on your company’s socials. OpusClip has helped marketers:

  • Save over 10 hours per week posting short videos

  • Grow their YouTube subscribers by over 60%

  • Increase their video views by over 5x

Stop watching from the sidelines. Try their Pro Plan now, totally free for 7 days

Navigating the digital creative world.

Starting your own ad agency? It's a terror-fueled rollercoaster from day one—from the heart-pounding leap away from the safety of a regular paycheck to the nail-biting networking game. Legalities, finance, and HR nightmares all come knocking, and you’ll need nerves of steel.

You’ll sweat making those first solo pitches, and when you need extra hands, you’ll gulp at freelance rates. Co-working spaces and coaching sessions can take the edge off, but it's the people you hire that can make or break you. And let’s not forget the cash flow chaos.

But hey, don’t let that scare you off. There’s room for magic. It’s a rollercoaster, no doubt, but as the cash flow steadies, so does the heartbeat.

In the creative world, going solo is “scary,” but for one agency head, it’s also been a “magical” experience. Murder Hornet Media doesn’t have a big shop’s resources or an agency village to call home. But founder Matthew Hanley says he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Trying to continually do great work, managing cash flow, choosing your pitches, growing efficiently and keeping the culture,” he said. “Everything gets easier with a little money coming in”.

Just don’t forget your coffee and confidence on this adrenaline-fueled journey.


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Apple's Final Cut Camera app lets you control and monitor video feeds on your iPhone or iPad when using Live Multicam in Final Cut Pro. It's a nice tool for on-the-go creators, but not quite a Blackmagic competitor. And the price? Free.

Ethan Hawke laments the film-watching habits of young filmmakers, expressing astonishment at their lack of interest in cinema's greats while highlighting the accessibility of classic films. Although Hawke says he's not trying to sound old, he does argue that “there’s so much excellence in the past” that young creatives are missing out on.


OpenAI can now spot if an image is from its DALL-E generator, boasting 98% accuracy. It’s also tagging Voice Engine audio with invisible watermarks.

Tubi, with help from Issa Rae, unveiled Stubios—a "fan-fueled studio" for creators. Viewers can greenlight projects from selected creatives, Tubi will fund and distribute the content, and if it's a hit, creators get funding for their next idea.


Meta unveils AI tools for ad creatives: Advertisers using Meta’s Advantage+ can now generate AI-generated variations of their ad creative, including text overlays and adaptable aspect ratios.

TikTok & ByteDance sue over new U.S. law, calling it “obviously unconstitutional” and “unprecedented.”

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