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Art Directors Guild: ‘We cannot in good conscience encourage you to pursue our profession’. Well, someone's a buzzkill. Let’s find out why they're raining on our creative parade.

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For your artistic side.

Apple just released Final Cut Camera, turning it into a "real" camera company overnight. It's not just hardware, it's the whole shoot-and-edit shebang with AI and chips to boot.

With features like real-time multicam editing and ProRes Log, it's making iPhones a filmmaking powerhouse.The software syncs with Final Cut for iPad, letting you direct and edit in real-time from up to four iPhones.

Meanwhile, Logitech's Mevo system is competing for the pocket-camera crown, but when your iPhone captures ProRes Log, why buy more gear?

Apple's latest move marks a return to its camera roots—it's been 30 years since the QuickTake 100—and a leap into the future of mobile filmmaking.

The commercial aspects of creativity.

The logo of the Art Director's Guild

In a surprising move, the Art Directors Guild (ADG) has suspended its hands-on training program, hitting pause on an initiative that was seen as a way to cultivate the next generation of talent.

The email to applicants cited the high unemployment rate among its members as the reason, stating they couldn't "in good conscience" encourage new talent to enter the field. With over 75% of its roughly 3,000 members currently unemployed, the ADG's decision underscores the industry-wide challenges facing below-the-line crew.

The move comes as the entertainment industry grapples with a number of challenges, including a slump in job opportunities and ongoing labor negotiations. It’s a blow to those looking to break into the field.


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Navigating the digital creative world.

Apple's latest iPad Pro ad has stirred up controversy by showcasing a hydraulic press flattening a range of artistic tools, only to reveal the sleek tablet as a replacement for all of them.

The ad's message—that the iPad can do everything these destroyed tools could—wasn't well-received, as it comes at a time when the creative community is grappling with the rise of AI and automation. Apple’s no stranger to using sleek ads to suggest a single device can replace a duffel bag of tools, but this time they’ve opened a can of worms.

Critics argue that while digital devices have their place, they shouldn't be positioned as direct substitutes for the value and tactile experience of physical art forms.

It’s a classic Apple “one device does it all” pitch that worked in the past. But since then, Hollywood has worried about AI taking its jobs, game studios have done huge layoffs, and AI-created musicians are causing copyright headaches.

This time, Apple may have missed a beat by showcasing its tablet as a full-on arts replacement amid heightened AI automation concerns.


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