💡 AI VS Creatives Jobs–But There’s a Plot Twist

K-Dot and Drizzy, watch your thrones—AI’s joining the music game. Agency folk, AI’s in the building, but is it a career killer or a curveball? And Insta360, we see your trust issues.

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K-Dot or Drizzy? How about a little AI twist in the music industry? Don’t worry, it’s not a diss track. Well, not yet. Keep reading, before the beat drops.

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For your artistic side.

Insta360, the camera company, is facing backlash over allegations that it asked creators to not disclose sponsored content, violating trust and potentially asking creators to commit a crime.

The issue affected “probably less than 15” of its 1,500 creators, Insta360 said. The issue arose after YouTube creator iPhonedo, who has been a longtime partner of the company, questioned the transparency of its creator relationships

The company, which recently released its impressive new X4 camera, has admitted to the lapse in its training and documentation processes and says it is taking the issue seriously.

To handle its growing creator network, Insta360 plans to increase marketing staff and create new training materials. Meanwhile, the company is facing a patent dispute with GoPro.

The commercial aspects of creativity.

Is AI primed to put creatives out of a job? A resounding “yes” from Simon Case, creative director at Chromatic. He argues big agencies are being dishonest about the impact of AI, which Chromatic has already started using to downsize labor-intensive roles.

His take: AI won't replace the human touch for strategy and ideas. Instead, he sees the rise of the “single-person, full-service agencies” where a creative can wear all the AI-powered hats.

Translation: Nimble creatives with AI tools cutting out the need for massive ad shop armies. Losses from the seismic shift will be offset by “a million new agencies”.

Simon's been there, done that, surviving the industry's past tectonic shifts. And he's got a disruptive outlook. He’s betting on an agency free-for-all and a “democratization of design”.

While many fear job losses, Simon urges creatives to embrace the coming shift and consider the positive aspects of AI democratizing design. His insights come as a wake-up call to an industry that may be ill-prepared for the imminent disruption.

But before we toast to that, remember: his vision isn't without job loss jolts. So, will AI be the creatives' Prometheus or their Pandora? Let's watch this space.


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Navigating the digital creative world.

Jason Koerner

Drake and Kendrick Lamar's rap battle broke the internet, with diss tracks flying at a pace radio DJs of the past could never match.

The rap battle highlighted a tech trend that’s both contentious and enthralling: AI-created music. When Drake used AI to mimic Tupac’s voice on a diss track against Kendrick, the rap world exploded. While using AI in music isn’t new, the ethical implications of replicating a deceased artist’s voice without consent sparked controversy.

Some praised the move as groundbreaking, while others cried foul. After all, how can you consent to your AI-copyrighted music being used in a feud you’re not alive to participate in? Some, like Holly Herndon and Grimes, see it as a creative frontier, while others, including Nicki Minaj, worry it’ll “undermine human creativity”.

It didn’t go well for Drake. The tactic proved controversial and drew a legal threat from the Tupac estate.


Adele Dalla Pozza

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