AI's motion magic 🎥, Adobe's AI-fix 🤖, SZA's media woes 🎤

AI gives your still photos a heartbeat🎥; Adobe Stock's AI war🤖; SZA's melodious social media critique🎤

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AI Creates movie magic...from stills? Yep, your next Spielberg might just be a computer. Keep reading, humans.

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  •  🎥 AI's Still to Motion Magic

  • 🤖 Adobe AI-Truth Police

  • 🎤 SZA's Social Media Sorrow

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Adobe Stock will no longer accept AI-generated images that could be mistaken for real news.

AI-created content will now be clearly labeled and can only be submitted as an illustration.

Adobe’s Content Credentials, which tracks the history of an image and edits made, will now show when generative AI was used.

Is Adobe Stock's AI move:

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Revived in '21, online-only mag Popular Photography lays off its last staff, fading back into oblivion.

  2. An ex-consultant dishes 3 vital photography business tips:

    • Surprise clients (but not too much)

    • Craft one-liners

    • Own SEO

  3. Renowned photographer Larry Fink, whose lens captured society’s nooks and crannies, passed away at 82. His images were unfiltered, both literally and figuratively.

  4. China's camera market is surging, surpassing the Americas in shipments. Domestic travel and a photography renaissance are driving the trend.

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AI is giving filmmakers a creative jolt by turning still images into short videos. Stable Diffusion – the brains behind AI-created art – is rolling out Stability Video Diffusion.

It lets creators drop in an image and describe the kind of video they want. The AI then gets to work, spitting out clip-like animations.

The catch – it’s not super realistic yet and only does animation for now. But with AI’s fast learning curve, it’s only a matter of time before it kicks out Hollywood-style flicks.

AI-generated movies: Novelty or the future?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Post-production houses face talent shortage, reduced projects, and lower payment rates as the industry feels the effects of the 2023 strikes well into 2024.

  2. Mozaic raises $20m to help creators split payments.

  3. SIRUI shakes up cine lenses with their Saturn set: full-frame 1.6x anamorphics that are as light as a feather.

  4. Universal’s “Oppenheimer,” with a staggering 120-day theater-only run, proves delayed releases can still pay off.

📚 Learn & Grow


SZA opens up about her battle with social media anxiety. The R&B star, celebrated for her genuine style and soulful sound, reveals how the online world can weigh heavy on her mental health.

And it's no wonder – the digital stage demands perfection, leaving artists like SZA feeling exposed and judged. The relentless feedback loop and loss of privacy don't help either, turning the virtual into a vivid source of self-doubt. Still, SZA uses her platform to promote self-love and address mental health.

It's a powerful reminder to look beyond the filters and hashtags and see the real human beings behind the music.

Does social media put too much pressure on artists?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. The creator economy's booming, but the repercussions aren't all likes and follows: Social media's shifting from friend-focused feeds to creator-dominated distribution platforms. Goldman Sachs predicts the creator economy to reach $480B by 2027.

  2. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are racing to shape the Metaverse. Why should you care?

  3. Tumblr axes Post Plus, its subscription model for creators. CEO cites plans to focus on “core functionality” after struggling to hit goals.

  4. LinkedIn partners with Persona to expand ID verification globally, offering users in multiple countries a way to confirm their identity, for free, with a government-issued passport.

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