AI & Copyright: Picture Perfect?

Snap! AI and Copyright square off. Find out who’s in the frame.

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Snap, crackle, sue: Could AI be the key to unlocking the copyright conundrum in the creator economy? Say cheese and read on!

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  • 📸 AI vs. Copyright: Who's Right?

  • 📸 Sony & AP Combat Fake News

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The US Copyright Office is hearing from over 10k voices about how AI should play by the copyright rules.

On one side, you've got creation pros like the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) calling a spade a spade and saying AI's taking a walk down the thievery lane. On the other, you've got the big tech fam – Meta (aka the Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram overlord) – saying the playbook is fair use. Where will the Copyright Office draw the line?

Short version: Tie a bow on it, they haven't yet.
Long version: They're in listening mode with eyes on the 21st-century heist that creators like PPA and filmmaker Justin Bateman are calling out.

Just when you thought the matrix couldn't get messier, right? Standby for Scene 2.

Should AI be bound by copyright rules?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Canon seeks patent to improve autofocus on its Quad Pixel sensors for full-frame cameras.

  2. Kodak's $5.5K Super 8 merges retro with modern, extending gate for widescreen. Film's not dead if you've got the cash.

  3. CAA signs AI tech firm Futureverse, sparking intrigue about AI’s role in entertainment post-strike.

  4. Animated app Phhhoto tries to revive lawsuit against Meta over Instagram's alleged cloning of the app's main feature.

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Sony Electronics and Associated Press have completed testing on in-camera authenticity technology.

The tech generates a digital signature within the camera, verifying if an image has been altered.

Sony plans to release the feature in a firmware update next year.

Is in-camera authenticity a game-changer?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. AI tool Runway ML unveils Motion Brush, letting users add precise movement to AI-generated visuals.

  2. Hyperdolly: A trackless filmmaker's dolly with camera control. Kickstarter early bird price $1190.

  3. Researchers at Rikan create a metalens that can change its focal length using polarized light—a promising development for compact camera systems.

  4. From TikTok to Forbes: The Old Gays drop a book detailing their journey from 0 to 11 million followers.

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💰 Social Tokens: Creator Gold?

TechBullion takes us on a deep dive into social tokens—digital keys unlocking a treasure trove of creator goodies. Imagine if your favorite artist's autograph could get you backstage or a virtual high-five. That's the power of these tokens, intertwining ownership and community like a digital DNA strand.

Once, ads and subscriptions paid the bills, but social tokens flip the script. They offer a direct line from fans' wallets to creators' pockets, cutting out middlemen munching on fees like it's a buffet. And it's not just about buying in; it's about belonging. These tokens make you part of the story, with perks and privileges money alone can't buy.

Sounds like a utopia? Well, there's still some matrix to navigate. The market can sway like a trapeze artist, and regulators are eyeing this new game of digital hot potatoes.
But for creators looking to paint with a broader palette and fans hungry for an authentic experience, social tokens might just be the golden ticket.

How do you feel about creators and fans exchanging value through social tokens?

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🔥 Press Worthy

  1. Social media giants coughed up $3.1B in fines for GDPR breaches, with children's data involved in a third of the cases.

  2. Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will return to lead OpenAI after a tumultuous week of boardroom drama.

  3. Social media detox? New study says it might not be the mood booster you think. Turns out, cutting back can reduce positive effects too.

  4. YouTube locks out ad-blocker users, causing delays across browsers.

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