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Adobe’s AI is the sidekick you didn't know you needed 🎬, Vaynerchuk says media and creatives need to kiss and make up 💋, and Sora's making Hollywood sweat, no audition needed 📽️.

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Is Adobe Re-cutting Hollywood's Future? Action and algorithmic editing await in this reel of possibilities.

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For your artistic side.

Adobe's AI is infiltrating video editing. Soon, users of Adobe's Premiere Pro will be able to extend clips, add or remove objects from scenes, and generate B-roll footage with just a few clicks, thanks to new AI-powered tools.

What's more, Adobe is developing a video-specific AI model, called Firefly Video, and it’s teasing third-party integrations with companies like OpenAI and Pika Labs.

The goal? Make editing more accessible and creative.

Our take: This is a notable move to retain Adobe's grip on the editing market, giving creators the flexibility to access the best tools regardless of source.

The commercial aspects of creativity.

OpenAI’s Sora sparks hope and fear in Hollywood as text-to-video tech arrives. But instead of doomsday predictions, there’s a chance for a creative renaissance.

Studios can make more of the content fans want at a lower cost, writers can bring their scripts to life, and artists can shape the visuals. It’s like a puzzle, and those who master the text inputs will unlock the best content outputs.
Plus, fans could get in on the action, co-creating with their favorite franchises.

To make the most of this, Hollywood needs to get smart about data – protecting it and managing AI rights. The future could see training data as valuable as the IP itself, and smart contracts and blockchain might just be the key to fairly compensating creators.

Will Hollywood play its cards right and create a future where everyone's a winner?

Navigating the digital creative world.

Gary Vee wants media and creative agencies to kiss and make up, and he’s not alone in thinking it’s a good idea.

At the Possible conference in Miami, he called out the industry’s “fake mathematical proxies” and urged a return to “actual marketing” that understands consumer attention and values social organic creative.

Vaynerchuk believes reuniting media and creative under one roof (not a holding company) can cut through the industry’s “internally focused pain points.” The audience reportedly ate it up.

It's all about getting back to real marketing instead of just crunching numbers. So, will the creatives and the media buyers be getting cubicles next to each other again? It's complicated, but the idea is simmering.

Gary wants to see more "industry creative" in the wild, with social organic creative taking the lead. If there's one thing we can learn from this, it's that meaningful marketing is more than just a spreadsheet game – it's about connecting with real people in real ways.


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