🔺 Adobe's AI upscales video 8x

Adobe's AI super-sizes video🔺, Ray-Ban's future is now👓, Box Office: is it a boom or a bust?🎥.

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AI-crafted Ray-Bans? Adobe's 8x video magic? This isn't your regular 9-5 news, this is the creator economy's pulse, and we've got a live wire on our hands! Shocked? You should be.

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For your artistic side.

Adobe showcased a new AI upscaler for video called VideoGigaGAN, and the results are jaw-dropping. It can upscale low-res footage up to eight times with stunning clarity and without the usual AI hiccups.

It’s not just AI—this one’s powered by a GAN which helps with the temporal consistency and doesn’t produce those annoying flickers and avoids that creepy AI look.

Though it's just a research preview, it's generating buzz for its potential to help creators stuck with less-than-HD footage. It’s another instance of Adobe flexing its AI muscles after recently updating its popular Photoshop with the advanced intelligence of Firefly Image 3.

Adobe’s not saying when this will actually hit any of its software. Microsoft’s also in on the upscaling game with Automatic Super Resolution for Windows 11.

The commercial aspects of creativity.

Hollywood's playbook is getting a rewrite as the summer box office warms up. Strikes and the pandemic reshaped the schedule, original films and indie gems are stealing the spotlight.

With blockbusters pushed to the backburner, giving films like Jeff Nichols' “The Bikeriders” a chance to rev their engines. Still, old school action like “Bad Boys” and animated wonders like “Inside Out 2” are looking to reel in the crowds.

As Netflix and other streamers join the show, it's a scene of cutthroat creativity where predicting the next big hit is still a guessing game. Films like “Barbie” proved Goldman's old adage true – nobody really knows what will smash or crash at the box office.

As the saga unfolds, remember: in Hollywood, the only thing predictable is unpredictability. As theaters and streams fight for eyeballs, originality is the secret weapon, with indie darlings and family animations aiming for summer supremacy.

Navigating the digital creative world.

Meta's AI-powered Ray-Ban smart glasses now let you ask questions about what you see with the built-in camera and get answers from Meta AI — think translations, historical info, or recipe suggestions, all without reaching for your phone. The wearable AI doesn’t have zoom capabilities, but it’s seen as a promising step forward in making smart glasses a viable product.


The glasses use the same sort of AI we’ve seen in smartwatches and phones, but it’s actually kinda useful when it’s on your face and you can just ask it stuff instead of taking out your phone. Users seem more excited about this iteration of smart glasses than previous gadgets like the troubled Humane AI pin.

While it’s still early in the wearables game, Meta’s partnership with Ray-Ban is generating some buzz and proving that not all AI wearables are doomed.


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