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  • Adobe's AI revolution 🌠, Therapy via Photography 📸, Ink-to-Copyright row ⚖️

Adobe's AI revolution 🌠, Therapy via Photography 📸, Ink-to-Copyright row ⚖️

Adobe's AI stirs revolution in image editing - Dig into Project Stardust!

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Is Adobe redefining image editing with AI? Get ready for Project Stardust's breakthrough autofill. Dive in for more...

In today's rundown:

  • 🌠 Adobe's AI reshapes image editing

  • 💭 UK prescribes photography for mental health

  • ⚖️ Ink vs Copyright: Major court conflict

  • 🎞️ Pentax's return to compact film cameras

  • 📱 Google's Pixel 8 Pro flaunts camera upgrades

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Dall-E 2

Adobe is ready to revolutionize image editing with its AI-powered tool, Project Stardust. Slated for announcement at the upcoming Adobe Max event, this tool promises to make every part of an image editable as a separate layer. From changing colors and appearances to complete removal, this object-aware editing engine will automatically identify and separate objects in photos, mimicking manual selection with tools like Lasso.

Project Stardust brings a host of benefits, making editing more intuitive and less daunting for beginners. It could significantly speed up routine tasks, freeing up creatives to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their projects. However, this ease of image manipulation also raises ethical concerns, with potential implications for misleading or fake visual content. The unveiling at Adobe Max will shed more light on this promising tool and Adobe's AI advancements.

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Photographer Jeff Sedlik is urging a U.S. court to reconsider his copyright suit against tattoo artist Kat Von D, arguing that her use of his photograph of jazz musician Miles Davis as a tattoo is not fair use. This follows the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that Andy Warhol's use of a copyrighted photo was not fair use. Sedlik argues that Von D's public sharing of the tattoo creation process constitutes intent to profit, therefore infringing on his copyright.

In a significant development, Ricoh announced that Pentax will release two compact film cameras in Spring 2024. The affordable high-end cameras, first in a line-up that would include SLRs, mark Pentax's strategic foray into niche film camera markets, following a successful survey among Japanese consumers. The move aligns with Pentax's goal of developing enjoyable film cameras for younger photographers, with a focus on manual-winding mechanisms that offer unique satisfaction.

Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro cameras offer substantial upgrades, including enhanced sensors and focusing systems. The Pixel 8 Pro features the most significant improvements, with its three primary cameras receiving more light – a 21% increase for the main wide-angle camera and a whopping 105% for the ultra-wide lens. Google has also introduced manual controls and a new Pro Controls mode for photographers, offering greater control over shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus. The new models also utilize Quad Bayer technology to boost image quality and offer a Video Boost feature for enhanced HDR and low light video capture.

The UK has launched a pilot scheme allowing healthcare professionals to prescribe photography as a mental health treatment. The initiative, a collaboration between Wex Photo Video and the National Academy of Social Prescribing, provides access to equipment, masterclasses, and ongoing support. It aims to use photography as a powerful tool for emotion expression and self-esteem development, offering a non-medical form of support to those struggling with issues such as loneliness and stress.



Results from yesterday’s poll

The question: Do you agree with the court's ruling on 'Fair' Use in the Michael Kelley v. Apple lawsuit?

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